Home Inspections for Purchasers

The home inspection is a fundamental step in the process of purchasing a home whether it is for investment or for personal use. It involves many weighty decisions. Few homebuyers have the skills necessary to examine the structural, heating and cooling, electrical, and plumbing components of the property. Bad economic times have not diminished the number of those who would take advantage of trusting, naïve buyers so it’s very important to do your due-diligence. If considering a distressed property, foreclosure or short-sale the buyer-beware element cannot Home for Salebe overstated. Since your investment choice may be the largest purchase you will ever make, reduce the risk of costly surprises with a home inspection by WBC&I. You are encouraged to accompany Keith during the prepurchase home inspection. Take this opportunity to learn and understand your future home, get answers to your questions, and voice concerns.

Professional written documentation of existing conditions is an essential part of the purchasing process. WBC&I uses narrative-style reporting software for greater ease-of-use and comprehension by the client and real estate professional. Our reports include digital photographs recommending specific action that should be considered. We also take the time to discuss the construction analysis and opinions until you are comfortable enough to understand the significance of the conditions. What you really need is an objective, well-documented opinion that provides you the information and resources to make an informed decision.

Many home inspectors use a checklist report and simply mark some boxes, scribble a few handwritten notes and they’re done. Others provide elaborate reports with mostly “boilerplate” content which is ambiguous or overly general in nature, or they employ lengthy home maintenance guides to bulk-up the report. It’s great for them because it’s quick and easy, but bad for you because you don’t get enough detail. Reports that exaggerate the significance of every defect as though it will lead to a catastrophe are also common.


Keith Gipe is a State of Florida Licensed Building Inspector, Home Inspector & Building Plans Examiner
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Home Inspections for Sellers

Although less common, these inspections are becoming the most advantageous way for anyone selling a home to know what to expect before potential buyers show interest. There may be existing problems that you, as a seller, may not even be aware of, which could be a deal-breaker when it comes to prospective buyers. As a seller, you can prepare yourself to ward off possible problems by obtaining a home inspection before you place your house on the market. This allows you the opportunity to make repairs to minor issues that buyers may nitpick over, and also to determine what issues you will want to openly disclose to buyers in advance. At the very least, you will have a reference point that you can compare to the results of the buyer’s home inspection.


New Construction Inspections

House Under ConstructionGet peace of mind thoughout the process of building your dream home. Your new construction inspection will ensure that the builders are constructing your investment to meet the proper standards. Several inspections are performed during key phases of your new home construction. These phase inspections can be tailored to the needs of the purchaser. However, we recommend inspections at the following intervals:


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